[1] To determine my biological age, we have completed hundreds of biological age measurements on dozens of organs to date (see monthly notes for details). When we complete the remaining measurements, covering my 70 organs (ETA Q3 2022), we will use all measurements in a single biological age formula, with weightings for each organ based on their clinical relevance.  Until then, we are relying on 6 epigenetic clocks* to calculate whole body biological age.

*PCHorvath 1, PCHorvath 2, PCHannum, PC Phenoage, Age Horvath IEAA, Age Hannum IEAA

[2] As chlorella powder, yielding 13.5mg spermidine

[3]  Highest Quality Extra-Virgin Olive Oil
  • >76% oleic acid
  • <9 and ideally <6 meq/kg peroxide value
  • <0.3% free fatty acids (FFA)
  • >85% 1.2 DAGs or > 90%
  • >560 mg/kg total phenolics as measured via HPLC total biophenols IOC
  • Less than 8 months old
  • Store in cool, light free environment

[4] An older free testosterone index (FTI) is indicative of caloric restriction optimal nutrition (CRON) being deployed effectively; in the context of CRON the FTI is not representative of a high accuracy biological age marker of the testes, but rather to validate that CRON is being induced but not to such an extent that FTI is going too low and too old equivalent; typically a FTI of 40 - 60 represents this. FTI or total T below the normal range is likely unhealthy, and given CRON’s mechanism of action may partially act via lowering total T and FTI, it can be thought that T above the normal range for young men (or even upper quin/quartiles) could be suboptimal for longevity. Note that NIA mouse lifespan studies have shown male mice given oestrogen show reliable mean and maximum healthspan and lifespan extension and that the human male to female centenarian ratio can be as low as 1 to 10, theoretically partially mediated by the accelerated aging effect of higher testosterone to estrogen ratios, and higher absolute T and FTI.

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