Blueprint FAQs

  1. What scale do you use for body weight?
    This one

  2. Have you considered gathering more accurate body composition measurements (per month or quarter) with DEXA? BIA scale results are usually way off.
    Given the stability of my routine, the +/- 25% accuracy is sufficient for my primary objectives. 

  3. Have you tried hyperbaric oxygen therapy?
    Evidence hasn't passed an action threshold for us.

  4. How you maintain this routine when/ if you travel. Do you take all your supplements with you? Do you locally buy ingredients to recreate your meals?
    Traveling is certainly something I have to plan given the systems I've built. Blueprint is a lifestyle trade-off; one which I thoroughly enjoy.

  5. Regarding creatine, is this something you have looked into? Particularly with regards to the impact on kidneys, how much water should be taken throughout the day (in order to flush the excess) and other associated questions.
    Creatine is safe for the kidneys. As always, check with your doctor.

  6. For all those supplements, have you been able to incorporate them 1 by 1 and study the effect or your blood / dna methylation?
  7. Recent epigenetic aging results.

  8. Would you ever make your process of designing a personalized diet, skin, workout, etc routine similar to yours publicly or commercially available?
    Most of what I do, and how it's determined, is shared publicly.

  9. Almonds are often listed as the number one anti-inflammatory food.  Yet, I saw you critique this.  Why?
    Our evidence based approach directs that the most powerful anti inflammatory intervention is based upon the person and condition. For me, nuts are not chosen for anti inflammatory reasons but for their all cause mortality reduction.  Specific nuts are generally prioritized to optimize omega 3:6 RBC while avoiding unwanted GI symptoms.

  10. Do you like the way your meals taste?
    Yes, the food I eat is delicious to me; one of the most exciting moments of my day. Both my teenage boys, mother, father, and brother eat the same foods daily and they love them too. When starting, sometimes there is a period of adaptation and some want to play with the recipe and texture.

  11. Can you achieve these results with less extreme actions?
    Lifestyle optimation (not smoking, exercise, BMI, sleep, diet, CRON) can yield 95% chance of being healthy to 75. My daily routine is about mastering this first level of wellness and longevity. Beyond this threshold, you need multiple advanced rejuvenation therapies e.g. Rapamycin, gene therapy,  senolytics, etc.

    Epigenetic results

  12. What is the light therapy device used?
    I am experimenting with several. In the Blueprint Morning video.  

  13. no NMN ?
    I take Nicotinamide Riboside

  14. I wonder, do you chew stuff for teeth maintenance? Taken that you're daily meal is all soft.
    My third meal of the day typically requires chewing. Also, my gums and teeth are healthy and assessed/measured routinely

  15. What non-dairy milk do you drink?
    Macadamia Milk, Unsweetened

  16. Do you use anabolic roids?

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