Bryan Johnson’s Blueprint


Objective: I am trying to maximally slow the speed of my biological aging. My goal: one year of chronological time passes and my biological age stays the same.  There is no magic pill for this. 
+ 78 organ biological age rejuvenation
+ 200+ science backed protocols
+ 1,000 Peer-reviewed References

Philosophical Principles  

  1. My path here, Hi, I am Bryan Johnson
  2. How I approach problems Zeroth Principle Thinking & solve them My Goal Alignment Problem
  3. Building systems to solve things systematically: My Autonomous Self and I fired myself
  4. Blueprint is born: Project Blueprint
  5. Blueprint + Kernel: Sleep & Impulse Control
  6. Contemplations: A Plan for Humanity
All together: Ashlee Vance: Can a $100 Million Helmet Unlock the Secrets of the Mind?

Blueprint at a glance


  • Chronological age: 45
  • Measured muti-epi clock biological age: 42.5
  • Pace of aging: .76
  • 2021 biological age reduction: 4.5 yrs. 47 to 42.5 (.73 yr reduction per mo Apr-Oct)
  • 160.7 lbs (88.7% lean mass)
  • 7.1% body fat
  • 4.3% bone mass
  • 60.2% body water
  • 21.9 BMI

  • 1,977 daily caloric intake
  • Vegan (except for collagen peptides)
  • 16-18 hr daily fast
  • 70+ lbs of veggies/mthly
  • 19% protein, 33% carbs, 48% fat


  • scientifically rigorous
  • data/evidence vs opinion/fads
  • caloric restriction w/ athletic ability
  • longevity w/o a magic pill
  • vegan w/ muscle definition
  • a systematic way of being


  • LEVEL 1: Chocolate is good for you. A snickers bar isn’t that bad!
  • LEVEL 2: Any brand advertising “dark chocolate” 
  • LEVEL 3: Un-dutched dark chocolate 
  • LEVEL 4: Un-dutched dark chocolate, tested for heavy metals 
  • LEVEL 5: Un-dutched dark chocolate, tested for heavy metals and from specific regions of the world with the highest polyphenol density


Decision algorithm*
  • What studies have been done on chocolate?
  • Do the chocolate studies meet our statistical thresholds?
  • Should I take chocolate of a certain type and dose based on 1 and 2?
  • How do I personally check that chocolate is safe and effective for me?
*See appendix for more detailed description of decision algorithm

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